Privacy policy

When placing an order in Monmon online store, you, the customer, have to give your complete contact

information, which includes at least your first and last name, postal address, e-mail address and phone

number. We also ask you to choose either Finnish or English as the language you want to use to do your

shopping and to communicate with us, if need be.

We collect and store all this personal data in our customer register only if you choose to create an account

for yourself. And in such a case, we use the given data only to make the ordering process easier for you in

the future, to get in touch with you if there’s something in your order that we need to discuss with you.

If you do sign up, you accept the terms and conditions stated here in

You have the right and opportunity to check the information we have regarding you whenever you want by signing in to your account or sending us a request by e-mail to

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